Camp Woodward, PA

July 29, 2016 Christi78 No comments

My graduation gift was a week at Camp Woodward, PA (thanks mom and dad!). Skating with Blind Skateboards: Kevin Romar was pretty freakin cool to say the least. I was able to skate the Megaramp, gain more confidence on rails and become more consistent overall.  I was able to make some new friends and experience things in a different and exciting way. When the staff at Camp Woodward saw how determined and motivated I was they “Tapped” me which is inviting me to come back to camp at a discounted rate. My mom went crazy when she read this from Camp Woodward:Snapchat

Dear Parents and Brandon,

Congratulations once again for being chosen as a TAP camper during your stay.  Being a TAP camper puts you in a group of talented skaters/riders.  We realize not all tapped campers will go on to become pros, but we recognize your talent and encourage you to return again this summer. Your skills as a skater/rider are impressive, and we feel that with the advanced training opportunities Camp Woodward offers, you could go far in your sport.


I have to admit it definitely feels good to have other recognize your passion and talent. I was able to take 2nd for Best Trick Down the 5 Block and Kevin Romar with Blind Skateboards posted my Tre Flip Tail Grab on his Snapchat. Oh yeah, and check out my custom board made by yours truly!

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